My name is Raul Lopez and I have been a victim of identity fraud. Shortly after moving here from California sixteen years ago is when I realized I was a victim of this prevalent crime. I was told that before I could obtain a New Mexico driver’s license I would have to address the multiple drunk driving convictions in several states which I had never been to.

I contacted the office of the Inspector General of the State of New Mexico in Albuquerque for help. I was assisted by special agent Tim Frazier who helped me obtain my four year New Mexico driver’s license. Fast forward four years. When I attempted to renew my driver’s license once again the drunk driving convictions re-appeared. This time however the Office of the Inspector General had been moved to Santa Fe. I was informed that agent Tim Frazier had been transferred and I was told that this office was not in the business of helping New Mexicans harmed by identity fraud. I was instructed to contact the Albuquerque Police Department. I went to the main station downtown and was given a telephone number to the “White Collar Crime Unit”. I left a message with my cell phone number, but nobody returned my call. I called this unit four times and not once did I get a call back.

For the next eight years my life was very uncomfortable financially because I did not have a valid New Mexico driver’s license. I fact, when my NM driver’s license expired I lost a great job working for a large successful landscape contractor because I could no longer drive to sales calls. The owner liked me, so he laid me off. This way I could apply for unemployment benefits. Job prospects do not exist for a person without a driver’s license, so three 1/2 years ago I became a tree trimmer / handyman in the East Mountains where my wife and I live. I cannot convey the feelings of despair victims feel knowing they do not have a place to go to get help. It is very clear to me that APD is not equipped to help people dealing with this common crime at all.

Last November, out of curiosity I went to the MVD in Tijeras, NM to see if anything had changed regarding my eligibility. There was no change. This time however, the supervisor gave me the contact information for a man named Mark Medley. She said he may be able to help me. Meeting Mark Medley of Identity Theft Resolutions has been the best thing to happen to me. Mark is extremely professional in every way. Having been a past victim of identity fraud himself gives him an empathy and understanding which can only come from experiencing this crime first hand. Mark’s fee is more than reasonable. He literally walks you through the process. In addition, he not only knows procedure he knows the multiple forms and agencies well.

After three weeks of his help, I now have an eight year NM driver’s license. He is also helping me along with Equifax to finally begin to decipher my financials. In my humble opinion I believe: Every MVD and MVD Express, every 311 non-emergency police telephone operator in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, as well as all NM social workers should have Mark Medley’s contact information to share with victims of identity fraud statewide.

Sincerely and with much gratitude,

Raul P. Lopez

Silhouette of a business manMy name is Pat Chavez and I had my identity stolen by a person when applying for a job. My identity was stolen by man named Manuel Barron who has since been deported back to Mexico. Mr. Barron used my Driver’s License number, Social Security number and name when arrested for aggravated DWI and several other traffic violations in August 2008. Due to this happening, I lost my driving privileges and was without a driver’s license for seven long years.

I was referred to Mr. Medley and ID Theft Resolutions in early 2015 by the New Mexico Motor Vehicles Department. Mr. Medley met with me concerning my identity theft in early 2015. Mr. Medley helped me fill out the proper paperwork in order to prove that I was a victim of ID theft as well as going to several places with me, including the NM Attorney General’s Office, Metro Court, District Court, Albuquerque Police Department, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office, and the district Attorney’s office trying to clear my record.

In October 2015, Mr. Medley helped me submit paperwork asking the District Court to remove the incorrect information from my Driving record. Mr. Medley and I appeared in front of the Judge in October 2015. The Judge told me that she would submit the information to the MVD Legal Department asking that the aggravated DWI be removed from my record. In late November 2015, I received a letter from the courts advising me that the Aggravated DWI had been removed from my driving record and I am now able to go down and get his driver’s license renewed. I am very grateful for what Mr. Medley and ID Theft Resolutions has been able to do for me.