Family Check-Ups

As a no cost service to the community, ID Theft Resolutions offers a family check-up to insure that you are taking the correct steps to reduce the possibility of your family becoming a victim of identity theft and/or fraud. These are steps recommended by the Federal Trade Commission and the New Mexico State Attorney Generals Office.

At no cost to you, we will sit with you and go over the following areas:
• Preventing Identity Theft. The steps you can take to reduce the chances of it happening to you.
• If you’re a victim of identity theft. The immediate steps you should take.
• Avoiding scams
• Chatting with kids about being on line, texting and proper cell phone etiquette.
• Protecting your personal information.
• The signs of identity theft, how to recognize when it has happened to you.

We will never tell anybody that if you follow these steps it will never happen to you. However, by taking these steps, it will greatly reduce the possibility of identity theft occurring and will give you the piece of mind that you are taking a pro-active approach in protecting you and your family.