ID Theft Resolutions! Who Are We?

“Preventing Life Disruptions and Helping ID Theft Victims Take Back Their Lives”
Some very good news – help for victims of ID theft is just a phone call away. ID theft victims no longer have to suffer in isolation and feel that they have nowhere to turn to for support.

ID Theft Resolutions, Ltd. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated exclusively to (1) educating the public, public officials and legislators about the challenges presented by the identity theft phenomenon and how to prevent and respond to ID theft and (2) helping ID theft victims recover their identity and protect their credit.
Mark Medley founded ID Theft Resolutions in late 2011. Mark was a victim of ID theft himself in 2001 and has vowed that “no one should have to go through what I did just because somebody stole their identity”. He has spent the last several frustrating years in recovering his good name.
We offer a variety of services including:
? Free assistance to help victims of ID theft take back their lives
? Free family ID theft prevention checkup
? Free consumer workshops
? Free mini-workshops for small businesses and their employees
? Consulting services to law enforcement, prosecutors, other public officials
and businesses
We have already been influential in providing our expertise to NM law enforcement, administrative agencies and legislators as they consider/adopt policies and legislation to ease the burden of having your ID stolen in New Mexico.

If you know of someone struggling with ID theft, please refer them to us – we can help. Our “take back your life” services are free and confidential.
We are available for speaking engagements.
We are looking for Board members and volunteers to help us grow the organization.
Donations are always welcome. Your contribution will be appreciated – just send a check to our address at the bottom of this page.
How to contact us – Call Mark at in state (505) 417-1902 out of state Toll Free at 1-888-484-9118 or email him at