ID Theft Victim Assistance

ID Theft Victim AssistanceHere at ID Theft Resolutions, we understand the frustrations and very long process that victims of identity theft go through to recover their good name after having their identities stolen. We also understand that there is no quick fix or guarantee that it will all go away soon. So, what we do is spend time with the victim to help them in their long journey that is part of the fastest growing white collar crime in America today.


Following are examples on how we can help and support you:

  1. We meet with the victim in person when possible or by phone and review their case with them
  2. We assist with the steps involved in filing a Police Report
  3. Filling out the ID Theft Affidavit with the Federal Trade Commission and the IRS if necessary
  4. The steps in registering as a victim of identity theft with the state of New Mexico and getting the “V” endorsement on the back of their driver’s license
  5. In submitting a petition to remove to the courts in the case of Criminal Identity theft
  6. Provide assistance in requesting a copy of your credit report, disputing inaccuracies on your credit report
  7. Provide assistance in filing a dispute letter regarding existing accounts, new accounts, and credit reporting companies and the required additional information
Our message to victims is that they are not alone in this serious situation.

No Fee/Donations Welcomed