McAfee expands beyond antivirus to identity theft protection!

McAfee’s core focus has been providing antivirus software to more than 375 million customers, but now the company is adding new partnerships to fuel further growth.

The company is announcing today that it is expanding into the identity theft protection market. The idea is to provide protection in the areas of the connected home, online safety for kids, privacy, and now identity theft protection. It’s a recognition that today’s threat landscape is growing in all facets of digital life.

In the wake of some massive data breaches, the McAfee Identity Theft Protection lets users take a proactive approach with personal monitoring, financial monitoring, and recovery tools. McAfee made the announcements at CES 2018, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas this week.

McAfee is also providing the security for a new D-Link Wi-Fi router that will automatically protect users’ connected home devices.

And the company is protecting Samsung Secure Wi-Fi with backend technology for Galaxy Note8 customers in Europe.

The latest products and services include McAfee Identity Theft Protection, McAfee Secure Home Platform, McAfee Safe Family, and McAfee Safe Connect. The company is partnering with a variety of hardware, software, and broadband providers to keep customers safer.

“Data breaches are increasing in volume and therefore calling into question who consumers can rely on to keep their personal information safe,” said John Giamatteo, executive vice president of consumer business group at McAfee, in a statement. “Today, McAfee is trusted by 375 million consumers worldwide to protect what matters most — whether that is their devices, their child’s online safety, or their identity and privacy. McAfee is a name synonymous with cybersecurity, one that consumers can depend on to continue to evolve and innovate to put consumer minds at ease when digital security uncertainty is high.”

People are aware of cybercrime and concerned about their own cybersecurity, but a survey released last week by McAfee reveals that most consumers aren’t as proactive about protecting themselves as they should be.

The survey found that 61 percent are more concerned about cybersecurity today than five years ago, but only 37 percent say they use an identity protection solution, and only about 33 percent say they consider protecting their identity as their No. 1 cybersecurity priority.

McAfee revealed findings from its survey, “New security priorities in an increasingly connected world,” that showed many consumers are not taking proactive steps to keep their personal information protected from identity theft.

The identify theft protection features McAfee announced today include scanning the online black market and the Dark Web and then alerting users when their personal information is at risk.

McAfee also has a Social Security Number Trace, which delivers reports of known aliases and addresses tied to a users’ social security number so they can review them for potentially fake identities.

The credit monitoring feature sends reports based on lending and credit history and alerts users if there are any changes to their creditworthiness. It also has dedicated agents accessible around the clock.

The new D-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi router powered by McAfee provides consumers with automated security for devices on the home network. It features adaptable machine learning, parental controls, and protection for internet of things devices (such as Wi-Fi security cameras).